4 Things You Need for Your 4- to 6-Month-Old

By the time your baby is 4 to 6 months old, she'll be more alert and may show more interest in toys and games. They grow oh-so-fast from this point on. Don’t be surprised if she goes through a whole clothing size every two months. It can be quite something!

From home to the playground, here are a few baby care basics to keep you both happy during this growth period.

Baby sling

Adjustable and comfortable, a baby sling is perfect for a growing baby. The benefit of carrying your little one around in one of these pouches is that it frees up your hands and also keeps your baby close to you, which comforts and soothes her just as if you held her close. And they’re easy to use!

Pants with elastic waists

Your baby is growing so quickly that she is changing clothing sizes all the time. A good way to make sure her clothing lasts is to get a few pairs of pants with a stretchy waist – that way she can keep wearing them even as she grows a little. Best of all, pants with elastic waistbands are easy to slip off and put back on when it's time for a diaper change.  

Mini blankie

A super-soft, thin piece of fabric may be just the thing for soothing and comforting your little one. You can find these little blankies virtually anywhere. As your baby gets older, this blanket may end up being her official "lovey," or transitional object, that provides emotional support when you’re on the road, or at naptime and bedtime.

Soft small toy

Soft toys are ideal for babies at this age. They are easy to grasp and squeeze, and they are especially helpful during the teething stage, when kids want to explore everything with their mouths. Just make sure that the toy is small, and keep all toys (as well as soft bedding and pillows) out of her crib, to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Growth spurts and the ever expanding baby brain make for tons of fun -- and sometimes, tons of stuff too. Try to focus on the essentials that will help your baby along her healthy development track, while not becoming bogged down with too many baby care items.