Baby Care Basics: 0 to 1 Months

Aside from the standard must-haves (such as a crib, car seat, and stroller), there are at least four other baby care basics new moms shouldn’t do without.

1. Soft baby diapers

Choose a diaper that is soft and gentle, and that's designed specifically for new babies, like Pampers diapers.

2. Baby wipes

You can never have too many baby wipes. They're great for changing diapers and keeping new babies clean.

3. Receiving blankets

These double up as burp cloths, nursing covers, blankets, and loveys. Find a good muslin or bamboo variety, which will wash beautifully and tends to last longer than other types.

4. Wrap-style carrier

Keeping your new baby close to your chest is easy with a soft jersey sling. Wonderful for snuggling, these carriers can get very warm, so make sure your baby is at a comfortable temperature while carrying him around in one.

Sometimes the most essential items are the most easily forgotten on a shopping trip or at a baby shower -- not too surprising, considering all of the changes that occur when a new baby joins the family. This checklist of basics will come in handy for many new moms!