Your Baby and Hemorrhoids

unhappy baby

Infants can get hemorrhoids, but fortunately, they’re quite uncommon. Hemorrhoids may occur when blood vessels around the anus become engorged from poor circulation. Eventually, they bulge under the strain of a bowel movement and may even bleed.

If you notice bluish coloration around your baby’s anus when she’s having a bowel movement, it might mean she’s pushing too hard. The strain may cause little tears in your baby’s anus, which can cause bleeding.

Grunting or straining while pushing out a stool is normal in young infants. They may become red in the face while passing a bowel movement (BM) as a side effect of pushing too hard. Brief straining or pushing for less than 10 minutes can occur occasionally at any age.

Her discomfort may be caused by constipation. Ask your doctor for the best ways to help relieve your baby’s symptoms.

Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

by Winnie Yu