Baby Stuff: My Baby’s Favorite Items

baby with books

If my sweet, six–month-old baby boy could talk, I'm sure he'd say his favorite thing is food.

Of course he also really likes his sister and pulling hair, but food is his number one priority. When he's not eating, though, there are a few other simple baby items that bring a smile to his face and make my job as a mom just a little easier.

For starters, my kids loved their infant swing. From the moment they would go in, they'd both smile and coo. We chose a model with a lot of bells and whistles, and our kids were absolutely mesmerized by their infant swing. As long as they were moving in their infant swing, they were happy. I was able to put them down during the day and get stuff done, because they were entertained and content.

Baby blankets with animals attached are another must-have in our household. These are a great security item to introduce when your little one is old enough. They're small enough to take everywhere, and machine-washable. They're also a great tool in establishing a bedtime ritual. My babies would get their baths, have a bottle, and then as I read them a story, they'd get to snuggle their lovey. Here’s a little parenting tip from me to you: If your child becomes attached to a specific one, I highly suggest buying at least one extra.

Another inexpensive and ingenious idea is a mesh feeding bag. This has been a baby item staple when it came to getting my kids through teething. Both of my munchkins started teething at four months, and they didn't like to gnaw on anything hard or plastic. They loved to chew blankets and burp cloths but would often gag themselves. So I started putting cold, wet baby wash cloths in the feeder bag, and they loved it. My kids were also very eager to start solids, so these were great when I introduced apples and pears. I could throw a chunk of the fruit in the bag and they'd sit happily in the high chair, just chomping away.

While this baby items list might be modest, it's truly what made my little ones happy at this stage. Soon, it will all be replaced with things like dirt and trucks, but for now, my baby’s wants are easy. If only my three year old were the same way!

Photo by Stephen Andrews on Unsplash

by Nicole Fox