The Best Baby Clothes Tips for Preemies

baby in onesy

Most new moms agree that shopping for baby clothes is one of the most fun parts of pregnancy. It’s hard not to fall in love with the adorable knit caps, teeny tiny jeans, and sweet little pajamas. But if you have a premature delivery, you may not be prepared with the right baby clothes. Keep the following tips in mind when it comes to dressing your preemie.

Smart shopping
It’s hard to resist cute baby clothes, but try not to go overboard and buy too much at first. Your child may be tiny now, but she’ll soon put on the weight and may outgrow some of her preemie outfits before she has a chance to wear them. Fortunately, several major retailers carry preemie lines for both boys and girls, so start off with just a few basics like one-piece suits and sleep sacks.

Diaper duty
Modern moms have it made when it comes to diapering their preemies. Diapers designed for infants under 4 pounds are perfectly sized for the tiniest of tushies. And many newborn preemie diapers come with a convenient cut-out to accommodate your tot’s umbilical cord stump, so there’s no need to roll the top edge around your baby’s waist.

Warm and cozy
Because preterm babies have less body fat than full-term infants, they have difficulty regulating their temperature. The best way to make sure your preemie is comfortable is to dress her in an extra layer or two of clothing until her weight increases. For example, on a day when the weather is moderate, she should wear an undershirt, a long-sleeved one-piece outfit, and then be wrapped in a soft blanket. And don’t forget a cute hat for your preemie’s head and tiny booties for her toes, which keep her extra warm (and looking adorable)!

Gentle cycle
Because preemies have sensitive skin, you should wash their clothing separately, at least the first time, with a mild detergent. If your baby develops a rash or irritation of any kind, note the brand of soap you’re using and speak with your pediatrician about how to treat the irritation.

These days, outfitting your preemie in cute clothing is doable, but it’s likely that your eyes will wander to the regular infant section, where there’s a larger array of sweet designs and patterns. Don’t worry! Dressing your preemie is a temporary stage. Soon she’ll be almost as big as the other babies on the block. For now, cherish your tiny baby clothes -- and don’t forget to save a few as mementos of your child’s first few months.

Photo by Harry Grout on Unsplash

by Jennifer Kelly Geddes