The Best Gear for Your New Baby’s Nursery

You and your new baby are going to spend a fair amount of time in the nursery, whether you’re reading, playing, feeding, or changing your baby’s diaper. So naturally, you’re going to want to make it a space that’s comfortable to be in. Once you buy the basics, consider investing in these additional products so that your baby’s nursery is both mom- and baby-friendly.

A rocking chair and side table: You’ll spend a lot of time cuddling with and feeding your new baby. And that’s great! These activities encourage bonding and help infants develop healthy emotional attachments. Having a sturdy rocking chair or glider in your baby’s nursery will make you more comfortable, while the gentle back-and-forth motion is soothing for your little one. Keep a small side table next to the chair for easy access to bottles, plus water and healthy snacks for you.

A fan: A breeze will help you and your new baby stay cool, literally and figuratively. That’s because the fan’s constant whirring acts like a white noise machine, which can help calm your little one when he’s fussy.

A mobile: Pick a colorful mobile. Not only will it help make your baby’s nursery look fun, but gazing at the bright hues on the mobile can actually benefit your child’s brain development.

A CD or MP3 player: Listening to soft, soothing music in your baby’s nursery can help both of you wind down before naptime and at the end of the day. And while your new baby might not think much of what’s being played now, by six months, the interesting and stimulating sounds and rhythms can help boost brainpower.

Books, books, and more books: When your new baby is just weeks or months old, you might think a shelf filled with colorful storybooks is purely decorative. But books will do more than make your baby’s nursery look great, since reading out loud to your child -- no matter what his age -- helps teach him about vocabulary, communication, and the world around him.  

Of course, the best accessories for your baby’s nursery are mom and dad! Spend as much time as your schedule allows playing with your baby in his room. Before you know it, you’ll be switching out his crib for a big-kid bed, so cherish these early memories while they last!