The Best Gifts I Received as a New Dad

dad with toddler

Being a new dad to twin girls, I have been fortunate enough to receive some great gifts.  I celebrated my first Father’s Day in June, as well as taking part in four baby showers before and after the girls were born. 

The following are the best gifts I have received in my time as a new dad:

A Diaper Bag Backpack
Wearing a backpack takes me back to my school days.  It’s fun, and it’s much easier to carry my twin daughters when I have a backpack that doubles as a diaper bag.  The backpack also has multiple compartments to store all the items that any new dad would need while away from home.  You can also get one in a solid color, like black, which is a little more “manly” than some of the other diaper bag designs out there.

A Stroller Cooler
From time to time, it’s nice to enjoy a cold beverage while I’m out walking with the girls. There are some coolers that strap onto the stroller and can hold up to six cans or four bottles. The lining in the cooler prevents the need for ice, and the beverages stay cold for well over an hour. This is definitely a must-have new dad gift.

Sports Team Onesies
As a new dad, there is nothing better than watching my favorite college and professional sports teams play, while my daughters are dressed in outfits ready to support my favorite teams.  One quick suggestion: When registering for gifts, take into account what size clothing your baby should be in during the different sports seasons.

Baby Life Jackets
If your family enjoys spending time out on the water in the summer, as mine does, lifejackets for the kids make a great new dad gift. After we had them, whenever we went boating for the day or the weekend, we didn’t have to worry about renting them -- which can be expensive -- and we always knew the girls were safe.

Burp Cloths
You’ll need plenty of burp cloths, and you can improvise using any cloth at home.  They are much more cost effective, absorbent, and more practical than the frilly designer (and sometimes expensive) burp cloths.  Any new dad could use these -- in bulk!

Photo by David Straight on Unsplash

by Nate Viland