Diaper Bags for Dads

baby on Dad's shoulders

At baby superstores, you can always spot a new dad who’s there for the first time. He’s got this deer-in-the-headlights look. I know, because a little over two years ago, I was that guy!

My vision was swimming with cribs, pack, plays, and strollers when my wife gave me a simple task: Register for a daddy diaper bag. “A bag?” I thought. “I can handle picking out a bag!”

There are so many diaper bags for dads on the market -- purse-style, messenger bag, backpacks, bags with a million pockets, simple totes. I felt a bit intimidated, but after browsing the entire rack, I settled on a gray and black messenger bag. I liked its appearance and figured -- hey, a bag’s a bag.

Now that my son is fifteen months old, I realize that a diaper bag is not just a regular bag. Your very sanity depends on a well-designed diaper bag! I loved many aspects of my daddy diaper bag, but I can compare it to my wife’s tote diaper bag. Both bags had pluses and minuses.

If I could construct the perfect diaper bag for dads, it would feature:

The Right Color and Fabric: Dark colors, like gray, black, and navy, are not only manly, but they’re functional, too. Darker colors hide stains from dirt and food easily. A tough, utilitarian fabric also helps keep the bag looking brand new even though you’ve hauled it to and from a dozen playdates. My bag was so tough that I could toss it in the washing machine, which really helped when Henry squeezed a food pouch all over it!

The Right Shape: I appreciated my messenger-style diaper bag for dads, as it went well with my entire wardrobe, but a backpack-style bag would be even easier to carry.

Compartments: Lots of compartments help keep everything -- diapers, wipes, keys, and phone -- organized. Digging through a big bag with a single pocket is a nightmare, especially when the baby is trying to wiggle out of a new dad’s arms! Look for a bag with side pockets for bottles or sippy cups.

The Extras: My bag came with clips, so I could easily attach it to the stroller. It also came with a changing pad, so I could change Henry in places without changing tables. Mine was very wide and had a plastic backing, so messes were easy to clean up.

It’s the little things that can really help new dads get into the swing of things -- a well-equipped diaper bag just being one of them!

Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

by Kristien Boyle