7 Great Gifts for New Moms

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For weeks after I gave birth to my little bundle, the generous gifts kept rolling in for her. Without question, for parents whose expenses are about to go through the roof, baby items are a thoughtful and almost necessary gesture. But what about the mother, who is devoting every minute of her day to her new baby?

From my own experience and those of other new moms, here are seven sure-to-please gifts for new moms.

1. Chic diaper bag. Clutches and wristlets will be swapped for oversized totes when a mom welcomes her new baby. But just because she’ll be lugging around everything from wipes and diapers to a change of clothes doesn’t mean she needs to lose her sense of style. The key to a good diaper bag is space and pockets: the more the better, for easy access. Ask what her favorite color or pattern is, and make a custom diaper bag or tote bag for the new mom at online stores. This gift is two-fold: It’ll help her tote all her baby stuff while helping her feel stylish.

2. Spa day. A relaxed, happy and healthy mom equals a relaxed, happy and healthy baby. Offer your babysitting services, and treat a new mom to a few hours at the spa that are just about her. If you think she would have trouble getting out, put together an at-home spa package with stress-relieving lavender lotions, a back massager, and microwaveable cozy booties. Helping her indulge while the baby naps is a fantastic idea.

3. Reading material. This is a particularly useful new mom gift for the breastfeeding mom, as a recent study shows that nursing moms spend an average of six additional hours per week feeding their children than bottle-fed baby. Provide her with your favorite guilty pleasure, or gift her with a useful and fun baby-related book to help her bond further with her little one.

4. Digital photo frames. There’s no question that first-time moms quickly turn into a baby paparazzo. Digital photo frames are the perfect new mom gift for the camera-lover in your life, as it will let them easily display those memorable moments and firsts for all to see, without the need of a printer.

5. Notecards. When you’re deciding on gifts for new moms, consider what’s going on in her life right now. For example, since new moms will be receiving numerous gifts from you and others, why not help them out and buy pretty notecards or thank you cards? There are many online stores that allow personalization, or keep it simple and universal, so they can be used for a variety of occasions.

6. Mommy jewelry. First-time moms are proud of their new title, and proud of their new little one. As such, a great new mom gift idea might be a personalized necklace or charm bracelet with the baby’s initials for special nights out, so her baby is always close to her heart. When the next baby arrives, simply add a charm!

7. Cleaning service for a day. Time is never on a new mom’s side. When it comes to new mom gifts, give her a break by hiring a cleaning service to take care of the dirty work, while she spends time focusing on bigger -- or tinier -- things. This will free her from worrying about the mess while keeping baby healthy. Look for a green or eco-friendly company that uses chemical-free products.

Photo by Mon Petit Chou Photography on Unsplash

by Lauren Fischer