Baby Diapering Tips and Tricks

baby in diapers

A great diaper is absorbent, fits well, and is comfortable. Sounds simple, right? Well, if you've ever strolled down the diaper aisle, you know that there are as many options as your new baby has fingers and toes. But it’s not hard to find the perfect diaper for your perfect baby when you know what you're looking for.

First, you'll want to determine your new baby's diaper size, which is organized by weight. There are two ways to know when you need to move to a bigger size: your baby weighs more or your baby begins soaking through diapers. The bigger diaper will be capable of handling more waste. Even though he’s within the size three weight range, I recently moved my son Henry to size four because his pajamas pants were damp to the touch every morning. Now that he's in size four, he's perfectly dry.

You’ll also want to purchase overnight diapers. During the day, you should change your baby's diaper whenever it's wet and after every poop, but at night, your baby will probably end up wearing a dirty diaper for longer. Overnight diapers hold more waste for long periods more effectively than regular diapers. They're designed to last twelve hours and work amazingly well!

A soft but absorbent diaper will quickly draw urine away from your baby's skin, keeping the skin dry and less likely to become irritated.

When it’s time to change your new baby’s diaper, the secret to keeping baby happy is distraction! Sing a song, offer a toy, or make funny faces. I've also found that it helps Henry ‘transition’ to diaper changes if I tell him what I’m going to do before I start taking off his pants. And whatever you do, before you start changing the diaper, make sure you have wipes and a clean diaper nearby! There's nothing like trying to contain a wiggling, poopy baby while you search frantically for some wipes...only to discover you've run out.

Trust me, as a new mom, I’ve been there, done that, and somehow survived to tell the tale!

Photo by Jamie Coupaud on Unsplash

by Caitlin Boyle