Introducing Your Baby to Cow’s Milk

If your baby is about to turn 1 and you're still breastfeeding or formula-feeding, you are to be congratulated! Keep it up as long as you and your healthy baby are enjoying it. But if you’re both ready to make the switch from breast or formula to cow’s milk, there are a few important things to keep in mind. 

Most healthy babies should drink whole milk, because the fat and fatty acids in it are important for baby development. A child younger than 1 should not be given cow's milk; it could cause allergies and other problems in her delicate digestive system. However, if your child is already overweight by 1 year of age or has a family history of obesity, your doctor may recommend reduced-fat or 2 percent milk in her second year of life.

If your baby has been on a special formula, check with your pediatrician before moving on to cow's milk, and remember that a 1-year-old should be drinking about 24 ounces of milk or breast milk a day. Also, now that your baby is 1 year old, it might be a good time to introduce a sippy cup! She's getting to be a big girl!