New Dad Baby Delivery Guide

dad with baby

Pregnancy is an amazing time for a new mom, but help is always welcome. While you may be the one carrying the new baby, it turns out there’s plenty your partner can do to support you during your pregnancy and labor. If you’re preparing for a baby, be sure to pass these tips along to dad.

Class time
When preparing for baby, it’s important for new dads to complete a birthing class with their partner, usually during the third trimester. There, you’ll both learn the breathing techniques new moms use during labor. Your partner will also learn about the changes women experience during pregnancy, as well as what to expect once your new baby is born.  

Packing tips
During those last few weeks when you’re preparing for your baby, your partner should have a hospital bag at the ready, too. Here’s what every new dad should pack:

  • Change of clothes and toiletries

  • Watch with a second hand for timing contractions

  • Camera and charger, plus a charger for your phone

  • Massage oils to help ease your back pain

  • An iPod or CDs, to play soothing music in the delivery room

  • Snacks, plus money for the vending machine

  • Health insurance card if necessary, pre-registration forms from the hospital, plus a file folder for important paperwork

The real deal
It’s helpful if your partner can help you distinguish between the early stages of real labor and confusing false alarms called Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are muscle contractions that occur irregularly and are felt only in the abdomen. Give him this tip: Braxton-Hicks contractions often slow down or disappear when you switch positions or walk around, while true contractions are felt in the abdomen and lower back, last 30 seconds or longer, and continue to strengthen as time progresses.

Support system
Being a great new dad starts in the delivery room, as new moms need support and encouragement. Your partner can help you get through your contractions using the breathing techniques and pain relief tips you both learned during childbirth class, such as walking around, massaging your lower back, or placing pillows under your back.

Remember that it’s not just your partner who can help you through your pregnancy. Don’t hesitate to enlist the help of other family members or friends. The happier you are throughout your pregnancy and labor, the better it will be for your new baby.

by Marygrace Taylor