Soothe Your Baby’s Crying

Wet diapers, gas pains, a skinned knee, leaving the playground -- all of these common situations are almost guaranteed to result in a crying baby or toddler. Every mom will deal with tears, no matter the age of her child, but the key to stopping them is to learn some smart soothing tricks. Read on for the best ways to calm your cranky kid.

Baby soothers
Once you’ve determined that your new baby’s diaper is clean and she’s been burped and isn’t hungry, consider her surroundings. Some babies cry because they’re faced with an abundance of stimulation, like a crowd of people, piles of toys, or loud sounds. If your baby’s crying, take a time-out with her and seek a quiet place to hold and snuggle your baby. Reassuring hugs, calming talk, or even a quiet lullaby will go a long way toward soothing your baby. You could also try offering a pacifier to help her relax or putting her down for a short nap.

Toddler soothers
Your toddler’s language development is coming along (at this point she knows about 50 words), but there will still be times when she has trouble expressing her needs. Toddlers can become easily frustrated by this, so distraction is often the best tactic when it comes to calming her down. Hand over a new toy, offer a small snack, or take her to another room for a change of scene. Toddler tantrums require short, direct talk, such as, “time for bed” or “playtime is over.” Keep your words simple (long discussions about why something is happening will just go over her head), and don’t forget to add in hugs and kisses!

Preschool soothers
Bedtime, the end of a playdate, or longing for a new toy can trigger endless tears from a preschooler. Check to see if she’s hungry or just wants to cuddle, but also give her a simple explanation for the situation. If this doesn’t seem to help, you may have to ignore her for a little while. Remain calm and don’t be tempted to match her volume. If nothing seems to work, you can remove her from the scene.

No matter the age of your child, tears are always hard to witness. If you find you can’t take another sobbing session, get someone to help out. Your husband, your mom, or a friend will be happy to step in and soothe your baby’s crying for a while. And remember, tomorrow all the crying will have been forgotten.