Baby Items For a Happy Baby

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My son Henry is fifteen months old, and he loves to climb playground equipment and splash in the pool. Such a big boy! This age is so fun, but I do catch myself occasionally longing for the baby days. Children are just so sweet at that age, and it’s such a joy to watch them reach their baby milestones, to see them begin to discover and learn.

Here's a list of the baby stuff that helped my little Henry discover the world:

Lounging pillow: Henry sat in his pillow every day of his life for the first five months. The lounging pillow cradled him, helped him feel secure, and made him a happy baby. His swing was helpful, too, but the pillow was easy to move around and travel with. It was one baby item we simply could not have done without.

Chilled teething ring: This was a textured ring filled with water. When frozen, the chilled ring helped soothe his aching gums when he was going through that developmental stage.

Baby mirror: I'll never forget the first time that Henry noticed his reflection. He thought it was another baby entirely! This simple baby item provided hours of entertainment for little Henry while he was touching, talking to, and smiling at the 'other baby.'

Jumper: There was a time when Henry wanted to be mobile but hadn’t yet reached the baby milestone of being able to crawl. My arms were only so strong -- I couldn't spend all day bouncing him up and down on my knee. Thank goodness for the jumper, the best baby item of all time. He would happily jump for so long. Every time we walked by the jumper, he'd reach for it.

Photo by Nynne Schrøder on Unsplash

by Caitlin Boyle