The Top 5 Baby Items That My Baby Loved

baby with toys

As a new mom, I was intent on finding baby items to make my new baby girl happy and comforted,  as well as to further her baby development. What I hadn’t realized is that while you can buy the entire baby store to please your little one, they will tell you what makes them happy. And often, the items that babies enjoy are surprising and downright confusing. During my daughter’s first year, these five items best comforted, engaged, and put a smile on her face.

1.    Tags Among the many baby items my daughter received as a newborn was a baby blanket with fabric tags; leaving me to question the tag appeal. It didn’t take long, however, for her to develop an affinity for tags, and simply holding a tag in her hand was the ultimate soother. Finding the tag on her bib, blanket, clothing, or even an extra large tag in furniture stores became both exciting and calming.

2.    Squeaky toys Before entering mommyhood, I heard about certain sounds that can calm a baby, like white noise and crinkly toys. My daughter had other plans, however. Squeaks were what made her happy, specifically squeaks she could make herself. She loved and laughed away at baby toys that squeaked to the touch.

3.    Remotes My sister, who has girls slightly older than my daughter, gifted me with a musical remote control. Of all the objects to turn into a toy, I wondered, why a remote? That was until my daughter became old enough to move on her own. She would roll, slither, crawl, bend, and more to get her hands on a remote. I soon understood the appeal, with the many buttons, shapes, colors, and lights displayed on a remote. My baby liked the toy, but she loved the real remote that I, in turn, gifted her.

4.    Phones Like the remote, my daughter found phones, particularly smart phones, to be an amazing invention (like the rest of us!). Before turning one, she figured out how to swipe a touch screen and look at photos (all of her) on my phone. To engage her interest, I gave her a variety of baby items in the form of toy phones. It’s most fascinating, though, to watch her expression as she discovers the ability to change a screen display with her finger.

5.    Lift-the-flap books Like finding hidden holiday presents in your parents’ closet, my baby got great joy out of books that let her lift the flaps to reveal surprise information and visuals. Once she became capable of doing so by herself, she took pride in her discovery. It was a great way for us to actively read together, and the perfect item to add to our baby toys repertoire.

Photo by Shirota Yuri on Unsplash

by Lauren Fischer