The Top Four New Mom Gifts

baby gift

Let’s be realistic: Pregnancy pillows and nursing bras aren’t the most thrilling items on a baby shower registry. Most guests want to get the cute clothes or the fun toys as new mom gifts. Just because a gift is technically a baby item doesn’t mean it won’t help out a new mom. Some of the most useful gifts I’ve received have actually been for my daughter, Paloma.

Favorite Gift #1: Hooded Towels

Unless she wants to do a load of laundry after every bath, you can’t really go wrong with a new mom gift of hooded towels to keep the baby warm and dry from head to toe. It’s nice to always have one that’s clean and ready-to-go. While the smaller towels may look cute, a larger size is more useful, since the baby will be able to use it both right away and as she grows.

Favorite Gift #2: Activity Gym

Babies are supposed to have “tummy time” every day, which can be very boring for both the baby and for new moms. The activity gym was a great new mom gift, because for a while, it was the only toy Paloma needed during tummy time and beyond. Most gyms come with five toys that hang down, which is plenty. There are also plastic rings that make the toys higher or lower, making them easier or more challenging to grab at.

Favorite Gift #3: “Fun” Books

Books are a great baby item in a new mom’s arsenal, whether they’re used to calm the baby down for bed or engage them in playtime. These “fun” books have absolutely stood the test of time. Someone gave us a book that features a finger puppet in different settings on each page. When she was really little, Paloma loved watching us play the part of the puppet. Now, she takes over puppeteering duties and entertains herself.

Favorite Gift #4: Homemade Toys

We know a lot of creative people and have been given handmade baby items from stuffed animals to handmade blocks. Not only do they entertain a new baby, but it’s really nice to be able to say, “someone made this especially for you.” Homemade toys also tend to be simple, meaning they’re something you’ll be able to use for a while -- just be sure that the homemade item is safe for your baby to play with, check for unfinished edges or sharp accents, and confirm it isn’t a potential choking hazard. After all, I still have my favorite stuffed animal from when I was little.

by Madeleine Day