Celebrate Your Baby's Firsts


When you’re a new mom, every day is a cause for celebration, but the days your child hits a new baby milestone call for extra jubilation (as well as bragging rights to friends and family!). From walking and talking to starting solids, here’s how to mark each of your little one’s accomplishments so you’ll remember it always.

First solid food
Starting solids (a baby milestone that many children hit at around four months) is a messy (and delicious!) adventure for your tot. To honor this big transition, post photos of her with her first foods -- whether it’s sticky bananas on her cheeks or orange squash in her hair -- to a photo sharing website. The colorful shots of your baby’s first meals won’t just be cute to look at; they will also provide a useful reminder of what food you fed your baby and when, as pediatricians recommend keeping track of this information to help identify allergies.

First tooth
Your child’s first baby teeth could poke through as early as 4 months or as late as 15 months. Whenever the initial pearly white does appear, document it with photos galore as well as a note in her baby book. But don’t stop there. Pack the family in the car and head to your nearest pharmacy to purchase your baby’s first infant training toothbrush. It may seem early to start brushing, but getting into the habit of cleaning her tiny tooth twice a day can help decrease the chance of cavities as your child gets older (ask your pediatrician about adding a bit of toothpaste when she’s about 2 years old).

First steps
The joy your new baby feels when she’s learning to walk is matched only by the pride you’ll experience as you watch her. While most tots begin to walk around their first birthday, the age range is as wide as 9 to 15 months. In addition to capturing your baby’s first wobbly walk on video, consider making a simple footprint frame to mark your baby’s walking milestone. Brush nontoxic, childproof paint onto your tot’s toes and then carefully stand her on a piece of sturdy paper. Date the page and have it professionally framed so you always remember her initial steps.

First word
Did she say “dada” or was she trying to say the dog’s name? Either way, you’ll probably hear her first word anywhere from 12 to 15 months, so keep the video camera rolling as much as possible and a journal and pen nearby to jot down what she says. If you can, keep a running tally of all the words she learns, both so you can report her ability at her well baby visits and as a keepsake in her baby book.

Missed one of your little one’s baby milestones? Try not to fret! Even if your husband got to serve pureed peaches for the first time or your babysitter saw the first wobbly step, there will still be more chances. Your sweet new baby will take many more steps and spoonfuls -- and the words will keep on flowing (the next one just might be “mama”!).

Photo by ???????? Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

by Jennifer Kelly Geddes