Play and Activities for Your 4-Month-Old

baby in bath

The changes your baby has gone through from the time you brought her home to now have been unbelievable. Who could have thought that in these few months she could grow into this little person? She's becoming more and more social every day, and playtime just gets better.

Offer a toy
Hand her a toy that rattles or makes crinkly sounds and watch her reaction when she grabs it. If it's a toy that makes music when she touches it or squeezes it, does it make her smile? Toys that help her learn about the different senses are both educational and magical to a baby. Does she have a favorite lovey item yet? She may be able to pass this toy from hand to hand, and it may be fun to play a back-and-forth game with her. Remember when she first smiled at 2 months? Around now she’ll start to giggle – which is even better!  

Go for a game
At 4 months you want to play games that engage her senses. Help her round out her understanding of the world by playing games that involve different textures and scents. Bubbles are fascinating to babies. Blow them around your baby and she’ll be endlessly entertained. Or play “This Little Piggy” while you’re getting her dressed and ready to leave for the day. She’ll love to be tickled and stimulated, and it’s also a good game to learn about touch – and to distract her when you want to put her socks on!  

Set up a playdate
Have you had a playdate yet? Why not invite one or two mom friends over who have babies around the same age? Put your babies on the floor together, along with a few toys, and watch what happens. You’ll love watching your baby play with her new friends -- you could probably use the time to talk to other moms as well.

Playing with your baby and creating a fun and active environment is vital to early childhood development. Keep her active, and you'll raise a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted baby!

by Stephanie Elliot