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On-the-Go Baby Sleep Solutions

baby sleeping on blanket

Vacation time isn’t just fun, it’s also great for your new baby’s development as it introduces her to novel sights and sounds. Unfortunately, the new surroundings have their disadvantages, too. In fact, the new sleeping arrangements and hotel bed can disrupt even the best sleeper’s peaceful bedtime routine. Making the hotel room a comfortable place for your child to sleep can help ensure sweet slumber. Use these on-the-go baby sleep solutions to help set up a cozy bedtime environment for your newbie traveler.

Practice at home.
Do you plan to use a portable crib on your trip? If so, think about breaking it out at home and letting your new baby sleep in it for a few nights. She’ll have a chance to experience how it feels, helping to prep her for when you use it at the hotel.

Pack some friends.
It goes without saying: Don’t forget your little one’s beloved soft bear, her soft, frayed blanket, and her favorite pacifier. Most children are very attached to their companions and are unable to sleep well without them, so definitely include her favorite one (or two) on your packing list.

Think about space.
If your new baby or older child sleeps in her own room at home, suddenly having you right next to her at night may be disruptive. Check around and compare prices for connecting rooms and suites. If the trade-off is a good night’s sleep on vacation, it may be worth the money to book the extra space.

Keep a routine.
If a bath, two stories, three songs, and butterfly kisses are what it takes to send your new baby off to dreamland at home, then use the same send-off while traveling. Your child will find comfort in the familiar routine, and because the activities signal that it’s time to go to sleep, they will help her settle down while on vacation.

Traveling with kids is always an adventure, but making sure your new baby gets the sleep she needs at the hotel is the first step toward a restful and fun-filled vacation for all. 

by Jennifer Kelly Geddes