Smart Sleep Spaces for Your New Baby

sleeping baby

In addition to a healthy diet, your baby’s sleep is crucial for healthy development. As a new mom, it’s likely that you’ve already decorated your little one’s nursery to stimulate her mind and give her a safe place to play. But the right surroundings can also add to her comfort and may even encourage better, sounder sleep. Try these baby sleep solutions with your baby’s bedroom.

Baby sleep solution #1: Check the temp. A room that’s too warm isn’t a comfy sleep space for anyone, including your new baby. Be sure the air conditioning isn’t too cold, though (open a window instead if the weather is moderate). If you have a thermostat, set the temperature to 65 to 70 Fahrenheit.

Baby sleep solution #2: Dress to impress. Overdoing the clothes at night can leave your baby sweaty and cranky. When picking out pajamas, remember that babies usually need just one more layer than adults. An undershirt along with a cotton sleep sack is enough for most climates.

Baby sleep solution #3: Focus on the floor. A soft rug or wall-to-wall carpeting will help to warm the room up and create a nice play space on the floor. Rugs or carpet can also help to muffle noise, helping to create a quiet sleep space.

Baby sleep solution #4: Block light. Consider hanging blinds or darkening shades to keep out the early morning light. Installing dimmers on the lights in your new baby’s room is another way to create a soothing atmosphere. Dim the lights when you’re getting your baby ready to sleep, lowering them more and more as bedtime approaches.

Baby sleep solution #5: Turn up the volume. Not all babies like to sleep in a silent space. You might think about adding in some white noise, either with a special machine, a nature CD, or the radio. Some babies sleep better with the washing machine on and the vacuum running, so don’t be afraid to go about your regular household routine when she’s napping or down for the night.

You don’t need expensive sheets or fancy details in your new baby’s room to create a cozy sleep haven. Simply focus on the basics, follow your baby’s cues, and she’ll be sure to have sweet dreams.

Photo by Peter Oslanec on Unsplash

by Jennifer Kelly Geddes