Candid Camera: Pregnancy Announcements


Making our pregnancy announcement to our family was so much fun; I wouldn’t mind doing it again!  

My husband and I knew we wanted to tell our parents before anyone else. So, we invited everyone out to dinner, a common thing for us to do. We had everyone meet at our house, my husband copied the photo of the ultrasound onto a flash drive and was all set up to have it display on our TV. We also had a video camera secretly facing where they were going to be when we showed them. We chatted for a bit, and then suggested it was time to head out. That’s when my husband said, “Before we leave, I want to show you guys something on the TV.”

The screen turned on and displayed our ultrasound picture. My mom started screaming -- she instantly knew we were introducing our new addition to the family! My dad was super excited, and my husband’s parents were in shock. My husband then said, “Marci is 8 weeks pregnant!” Everyone was ecstatic. Then my husband said, “But wait…there is more: She is pregnant with twins!” Then the screaming really began, and all the crying began, too. It was so amazing sharing our pregnancy announcement with our parents.

We told our siblings next by showing them the ultrasound picture in a clever way. Both of our brothers did not believe us, which was funny that they had the same reaction. We then told as many family members in person as we could about our growing family and called the ones who lived too far. It was so much fun and hilarious to see and hear everyone’s response when we told them we were having twins.

We say that we wish we could have documented all the reactions -- but we’re happy we caught our parents’ responses on camera!

by Marci Viland