Newborn Photos with the Family

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When it comes to taking newborn photos, for me, it was just as important to get some great shots with the whole family as it was to capture some of my favorite moments of just my new son.

In order to make sure I got as many family memories as I could, I came up with the three genre of family photos that I wanted to make sure we tried for. Here is what I decided on:

Recreate the Past: One newborn photo idea that I have always thought was cute was taking a photo of a family member from the time they were a baby and recreating it with your own baby. For instance, there is this photo of my husband from when he was a baby, and he’s on his belly looking at a toy giraffe that’s next to him with this look of determination on his face. Now, Rory makes that same face when he’s looking at stuffed animals, so we’ve tried to recreate the same magic from the original shot. Using an older photo that reminds you of your parents or grandparents or spouse is a nice way to get different generations involved in your newborn photos.

Start a Tradition: I recently  saw a story on TV about a girl who went with her dad to New York City once, they took a photo in front of a building, and they decided to go back every year and take one to showcase how the girl grew from year to year. We decided to take that idea and make it our own. In our house, college football is a big thing, and we plan to take our son to his first tailgate this fall. Our plan is to take Rory to a particular place on campus when we’re there and take a family photo of the three of us. Then we’ll try to go back every year and have an album of it throughout the years. That’s a nice way to see how Rory grows and to keep our whole nuclear family involved in the tradition.

If you can’t think of a tradition that applies to your family, holidays or specific times of year work well, too. For example, my husband’s family goes apple-picking every year, so that would be a nice tradition for us to include Rory for a photo op.

Share and share alike: Today, there are all kinds of websites that allow you to upload and share newborn photos with your entire family, which is a really nice idea, especially for grandparents, aunts, or uncles who might live far away. Most sites allow you to invite visitors to upload photos as well, so you can all share whatever photos of your baby you might happen to have. Another nice way to share photos with the family is through photo baby books, like Pampers Baby Book. That way you can upload all your favorite shots and create a tangible gift for your loved ones.

I like that while some family may live far away, we can still keep Rory connected -- and if it’s through adorable newborn photos of our son, then all the better!

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

by Jennifer Foster Cornish