The Pregnancy Announcement of our Twins

pregnancy announcement

Making a pregnancy announcement to family members is always a fun experience. In our case, it was double the fun, because we were expecting not one, but two babies. My family and my husband’s parents knew I was pregnant, but it wasn’t until my first ultrasound around six weeks that anyone knew about the second baby.

They say “seeing is believing,” so I took a picture of the ultrasound print out -- with two sacs -- and sent a text message saying, “Two babies, and two heart beats!” Needless to say, my phone immediately started blowing up with calls and text messages expressing shock and excitement for our growing family!

After my next ultrasound confirmed that the babies were still growing strong (you get a lot of extra appointments with twins), we made our pregnancy announcement to my husband’s sister. He called her and told her we were going to have a baby, detailing the measurements and heartbeat of one baby. Then he said, “The other baby looks good, too.” Stunned silence on the other end of the phone!  Until she finally managed to say, “There are two babies!”

We told our extended family as I neared the end of the first trimester. It always started by telling the person I was pregnant, and they would express congratulations. Then we would say something like, “Guess how many babies there are?” or “The really awesome part is that there are two babies in there!” There was usually a second or two of shock before we’d get a standard response of “get out of town!” or “are you serious?”

We wanted to share with our immediate families the excitement of finding out the genders of the babies. Instead of the doctor telling us the genders at the anatomy scan, we had her write the gender of each baby on a piece of paper and took it to a bakery. We had two “gender reveal cakes” made. When you cut into a gender reveal cake, the frosting and/or cake inside is either pink or blue, letting you know what gender the baby is. So we gathered our immediate families into the dining room and made everyone guess what gender they thought each baby would be. The guesses were pretty split between boy boy, girl girl, and one of each. When we cut into the first cake, we saw a pink line of frosting. Then the second cake also had pink frosting! Two girls! It was a really wonderful moment—and even more special, because we got to share our news of the two new additions to the family with everyone.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

by Maggie Barr